Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GCSE Work!!

Here are four pieces of my GCSE work, which I got a B on, it is inspired the theme of movement of time and body. Using the manikin, as a based feature of the theme and working around it with contrasting colours.

                       These were some of my favourite pieces from my GCSE work.

These where my own ideas and style of art, as i broke up the images to form different stages of the movement through out the paper, also adding texture up on the page to make it more 3D and real, so it stand out of the page.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Graphics work!!

Work by myself: Teryn Joshua
Here is my graphics work, which I have used both Low Tech and High Tech sources.

All of this work is connected to the Art Nouveau style.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Why do I like Art?
Art is what you make it, creating your own style that suits you. It also depends on what type of art you prefer, Photography, Graphics, Illustration, Painting and many more, there are two which I enjoy the most and that would be Graphics and Photography combined. I am interested in the more technical side of art, using computers, Photo Shop and cameras to create pieces of art.

 Who inspires me?
Linns  Olofsdotter
I really enjoy her work, there is a mixture of darkness with splashes of bright colours. As you can see below some examples of her work, the first image shows a flow across the page from the dress with bright flowers and designs to show detail and design. The second image is very dark and mysterious, with a girl looking in the mirror naked, her eyes are dark black with poised red lips. It all shows mystery and sadness, with in the paintings face.

Susan Burghart
Here is another female artist, who’s work I really enjoy, her work is more brighter with neutral colours, such as browns, reds, greens and sandy colours. Her work also has lots of flow with in the images, containing lots of natural objects like flowers and plants. She also does a lot of figurative art with in all the plants and flowers, emerging around the figures. I really enjoy the light warm colours which, she uses and a lot of blending.